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Bone Cancer Causes – Getting educated

Meaning and Understanding Bone Cancer

Bone cancer originates in the bones. Cancers that begin in other part of body and slowly spreads to the bones is different from bone cancer. There are a number of bone cancer causes.

Bones comprise of three tissues which are compact tissue, cancellous tissue and subchondral tissue. The tough portion of bones is the compact tissue. The spongy tissue within the bones is the cancellous tissue and the smooth bone tissue is the subchondral tissue. The joints are cushioned with the cartilage layer.

Function of the bones
The function of our bones is to safeguard and support the internal body organs. It helps in producing blood cells and storing the same in bone marrow.

Bone Cancer Causes – Prevention is better than cure
Bone cancer causes cannot be pin pointed correctly. However, it has been clinically proven and established that the female hormone that is estrogen has its role to play in the development of this form of cancer. Bone cancer causes also include females attaining puberty before the age of eleven, as they are exposed to estrogen quite early in life.

Early pregnancy could be another reason for developing bone cancer. Ladies who give birth to children prior to the age of twenty are at a greater risk of attracting bone cancer.

Protection from Bone Cancer – Simple Methods
Breastfeeding your baby has proven to reduce the risk of bone cancer. Regular exercises, a healthy diet and lifestyle, walking have proven to help in reducing the risks of bone cancer.

What causes Bone Cancer?
Bone tumours are of two types, one is non-cancerous and the other is cancerous in nature. The benign or the non-cancerous ones are the common ones. They press the healthy bones in our body. Tumours replace the healthy tissue of the bones and get developed on these.
Osteosarcoma is a primary form of bone cancer and affects the developing bones of our body. Adults attract a type of bone cancer referred to as chondrosarcoma whereas children suffer from Ewing’s sarcoma.

Risk Factors of Bone Cancer
Children or adults who have had a previous history of chemotherapy or radiation, paget’s disease, families having a history of bone cancer, hereditary retinoblastoma are at a greater risk of attracting bone cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Bone Cancer
Let us now understand the bone cancer causes and how one can identify the visible symptoms. The cancer cells spread deeply within the bone and also to the areas surrounding it. It is generally found in the blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes. If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, there are greater chances of it getting passed to the other body organs.

Diagnostic analysis of Bone Cancer
The doctor will first and foremost conduct a physical examination and understand the history of the person and the family. Certain tests are recommended for finding out the condition of the bones. This will given an idea of any bumps of lumps in the bones or other organs.

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