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Bone Cancer Metastasis – Quite Painful

Bone Cancer Metastasis – Quite Painful

It has been clinically estimated that the chance of developing bone cancer metastasis can be quite high. Patients may experience excruciating pain in the bones and they experience low levels of confidence.

Identifying the Right medication

It is important that the right diagnosis of the situation be followed with the right medication. Bone Cancer Metastasis is nothing but advanced stages of cancer. With new and new techniques and introductions in the field of medicine, scientists are trying their best to cure patients of the pain and suffering. Many of the treatments that are generally suggested for bone cancer Metastasis are not very effective. Also, the medicines, drugs and therapy for bone cancer Metastasis are ineffective in relieving the patient from pain and suffering.

Epidemiology – How important it is?

The pain suffered by the patient can be due to a variety of factors, it could be the process of treatment, side effects of medicines, therapy etc. It becomes important to tackle the problem in the right manner, so that the patient gets some relief out of it. The metastasis pain is a result of a tumor in the thyroid, breast, prostate or lungs.

What exactly is Metastasis?

When the cancer cells start multiplying and spreads to other parts of the body, a condition called as metastasis develops. The bone is a part that succumbs to this and it consists of kidney, thyroid, breast and lungs.

If undetected even breast cancer will spread to other parts like the bones. It has been researched and established that there are chances of bone metastasis developing in breast cancer and this can prove to be fatal. When an autopsy is done, it has been found that breast cancer patients suffer from this condition of bone metastasis.

Metastatic breast cancer: There are basically two types of bone metastasis cancer which are osteolytic and osteoblastic. The former one completely damages our bones and holes are created. This results in frequent fractures and breakage of bones. The osteoblastic form of bone cancer makes the bones brittle and the patient is prone to frequent bone fractures. In both these types, patients experience extreme pain.

Symptoms of Bone Metastasis

Bone pain, fractures, spinal cord depression, high blood calcium levels are some of the symptoms associated with bone metastasis. Pain is the commonest of symptoms associated with this condition. The pain may either stay for some time, or may be continuous depending on the severity of the condition. However, it should also need to be mentioned here that every pain may not be associated with bone metastasis. A doctor will be able to identify the different types of pain.

Frequent fractures are the first indication of bone metastasis. There will be a reduction in the percentage of red blood corpuscles which may lead to anemia. Patients suffer from pain in the bones, numbness or weakness, parched throat and so on. When the platelets count drops the patient experiences chillness and an extremely weak feeling. Bisphosphonates are a very useful drug in treating the problem.

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