Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bone Cancer Pain – Medication and Treatment

What is Bone Cancer?
A person suffering from bone cancer experiences shooting pain in the bones as the tumour presses the nerve endings and the organs close to the bone area. At times radiation, pain medication or any block in the nerves may give some relief to the person. There are a number of alternative medications available for curing bone cancer pain. Some of them are acupressure, massage, acupuncture and so on.

Curing Bone Cancer Pain
There are a number of treatments for curing bone cancer pain. There are pain killers and medication for curing soreness and pain in the bone. However, some of these medications are prone to induce sleep. The best way to reduce the pain is taking laxatives and enough rest.

Radiation helps a lot to cure bone cancer pain. The rays from the radiation help in reducing the size of the tumour. Radiation can be taken by the patient either with hormone therapy or without hormone therapy, depending on the suggestion of the doctor.

Additional Pain Relieving Therapies
Depending on the extent of pain, different therapies may be adopted. Nerve blocking is one sure treatment where alcohol is injected in the area of the pain. This helps in relieving bone cancer pain considerably and the patient will surely get some solace.

Complementary Therapies For Curing Bone Cancer Pain
It goes without saying that complementary therapies are not recognized as pain control methods. They need to be taken along with the medicines and this may provide considerable relief.

Types Of Bone Cancer Pain

The pain experienced by the patient may vary from simple and dull bone pain to sharp pain in the nerves. At times, the patient may experience shooting or colicky pain.

Useful complementary bone cancer pain therapy

There are a variety of therapies which can help the patient along with the regular conventional medicines. They include nutritional therapy serotonin which helps in providing relief against excruciating pain and tenderness of the bones. It helps in fighting depression and mood swings that is caused due to unbearable pain. The patient is able to sleep well and rest in peace.

Foods That Help Improve The Serotonin Levels
The patients are advised healthy foods that are rich in amino acid tryptophan like cheddar cheese, peanuts, chicken, peanut butter, eggs etc. Refrain from eating goods that have high content of animal fat. Cooking food in olive oil is advised as it helps get relief from bone cancer pain. Inflammation of the bones and the pain can be reduced by including oily fish like sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna and salmon.

Acupuncture, Exercises And Massage – Relief From Excruciating Pain
Acupuncture works as a natural painkiller and it helps get relief from spasms. However, it is advised to take guidance and treatment from a professional and qualified acupuncture practitioner. The trans-cutaneous electrical nerve machines help in getting relief and you may want to try out these. However, this may not be of help to every patient.

Exercises and massage therapy maybe recommended for some patients as it helps accelerating the endorphins and serotonin level.

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