Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Educated on Lung and Bone Cancer Survival Rate

The lung and bone cancer survival rate refers to the number of patients who have developed cancer but have managed to survive. It is important that we understand and get ourselves educated on the lung and bone cancer survival rate. There are a number of factors like severity of the condition, age of the patient etc, that determine the survival rate amongst patients. In cases where the patient has been detected of lung cancer, difficulty in breathing and constant coughing will decide the patient’s survival rate.

Forms of Lung and Bone Cancer
There are basically two different forms of cancer and depending on the stage of cancer, the survival rate can be arrived at. The lung and bone cancer survival rate depends on the rate at which the cancer has spread to the lungs and the bones. There are a number of treatment options which are recommended by the doctor, once the patient has been identified with cancer. The treatment and medicines also vary depending on the stage of cancer. When you browse the internet or go through web pages of cancer associations, you will be able to identify the correct lung and bone cancer survival rate.

Diagnosis of lung and bone cancer
Only when the cancer is diagnosed, one can arrive at the lung and bone cancer survival rate. The overall health of the patient along with the cancer type plays a vital role in arriving at the lung and bone cancer survival rate. As per statistics, the five year lung and bone cancer survival rate varies. If the patient is in the stage 0, then the chances of survival are considerably high. Patients who are in the second stage may survive up to five years or so. It should be mentioned here that cancer survival estimation is not enough evidence of the survival rate as it entirely depends on how the patient is responding to the medicines and the line of treatment.

As per clinical statistics, in the 1980s, cases of bone and cancer were quite high and with new medicines and treatments, it considerably reduced during the 1990s. There are greater chances of smokers to fall prey to lung and bone cancer. X-rays and MRI scans are tests are recommended for identifying the stage of cancer. A patient who is diagnosed at an early stage has greater chances of surviving and vice versa. Undetected lung cancer may slowly result in metastatic cancer which may result in bone cancer. People in the age group of forty and above may fall a prey to this cancer. Patients with a history of smoking, chewing tobacco are at a greater risk.

Change in habits and lifestyle
With the fast paced life and high stress levels, both men and women live an unhealthy life-style and do not have healthy eating habits. The situation gets aggravated when they smoke for feeling relieved. Women are also falling prey to lung cancer, thanks to their changing habits like smoking etc. The liver, bones, brain and the adrenal glands are the organs where the metastasis can spread.

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