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Metastatic Bone Cancer Survival Rate - The Odds of Survival

Metastatic Bone Cancer Survival Rate - The Odds of Survival

Every cancer case is different and has varied effects after prognosis. The survival chances and the tumor growth rate differ from person to person. Metastatic bone cancer is the most severe stage of the disease and the metastatic bone cancer survival rate is generally low. There are various factors that determine this:

• Type of bone cancer

• Bone diagnosed with bone cancer

• Whether it has spread or not

• The growth of the tumor

• Patient’s physical as well as mental health

• Patient’s age

• Whether the patient has undergone any prior treatment

When the cancer is at its primary stage, it is not localized and can be treated easily. It becomes easy for the doctors if the disease has been detected at an early stage and the survival rate is higher at this particular stage. After the cancer starts to spread in the neighboring organs and surrounding tissues it becomes difficult for the doctors to operate. The second and third stage of bone cancer still can be somewhat easy to operate, and so the survival rate at this stage is around 57% to 70%. At this phase the doctors undergo surgery to remove the tumor from the bone.

The difficulty arises when the patient is at the forth stage or the Metastatic stage. Metastatic stage is the phase when the tumor becomes big enough to spread to the adjoining organs. At this phase the organs and the tissues next to the diagnosed bone also become debilitated. So the metastatic bone cancer survival rate is low, as it becomes difficult to cure the patient.

Most patients with cancer metastatic to the bone undergo tremendous bone pain and other symptoms like puffiness, deteriorating of bones, Hypercalcaemia, muscle ache, exhaustion, sickness, etc. Some of these symptoms also have a negative effect on the patient’s health and these indications can even at times result in hallucination, kidney stones or even death. Surgery is not an option at this stage, as there are two or more organs associated. At this stage, doctors undergo complete surgical resection followed by the process of chemotherapy. The statistics revealed that about there are only about 19% of cases that has been cured and survived after being diagnosed by metastatic bone cancer. The metastatic bone cancer survival rate can also be as high as 49% if the patient has been given proper drugs and undergone accurate treatment and therapy.

The metastatic bone cancer survival rate cannot predict the health and chances of survival of the patient. But it can help people in knowing about the odds of survival and the endurance of the disease. The figures that come out are calculated by considering the cases that have been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer and have survived and lived for a particular period of time. Though this rate depends on the above mentioned factors to a very large extent, with the accessibility of contemporary treatments and medicines, the metastatic bone cancer survival rate is found to be improving. People should be aware of the fact that even on the last stage of bane cancer, there is still hope. Even though the chances are rear, the patient still can be treated with some or the other method.

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