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Secondary Bone Cancer Symptoms, Signs of Bone Cancer

Secondary Bone Cancer Symptoms

Bone cancer is not very common, clinical statistics state that they are not fatal in nature. There are cases where the tumors are non -cancerous in nature. Some of the cases which go undetected, especially in the secondary stage may be malignant. But this is rare. Males have a tendency to attract bone cancer as compared to females. Primary cancer is also referred to as osteosarcoma and young adults have greater chances of attracting this disease.

Parts Affected by Bone cancer
The parts that get affected by primary bone cancer are the bones of the arms, pelvis, legs and so on. The other forms of the primary type of bone cancer include malignant fibrous chondrosarcoma and histiocytoma.

Different types of Bone Cancer
There are two varieties of bone cancer, primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer.

Take a Glance at What they are
It has been researched and established that individuals who attract the pagets disease are at a greater risk of attracting primary bone cancer.
Secondary bone cancer is quite common. The carcinoma may begin with any part and it may slowly start affecting the bones. This carcinoma may begin in the lung, thyroid, kidney, prostate or breast.

Understanding Secondary Bone Cancer
As mentioned previously, this form of cancer begins as primary bone cancer and slowly spreads. Secondary bone cancer affects the pelvis, bones of the legs and arms, ribs, spine and skull. Many patients who have successfully recovered from primary bone cancer are diagnosed with secondary bone cancer at a later date. Hence, it is very important that a correct diagnosis be carried out.

Signs of Bone Cancer
Bone cancer develops gradually and spreads into the body depending on the tumor location, type and size.

Secondary Bone Cancer Symptoms

Patients experience excruciating pain of the bones. Many a times, a lump can be felt on the bone. They may find even normal routine activities as a big burden. There are greater chances of the bones getting brittle and weak. The human body has about two hundred and six bones and the secondary bone cancer symptoms may appear in any of them. The long bones of the legs and arms are the targets for this type of cancer.

Other secondary bone cancer symptoms include deterioration of the bones, swollen joints, tenderness in joints etc. In addition to the above, secondary bone cancer symptoms may also be fever, weight loss, anemia, tiredness and so on.
With the increasing stress and fast paced life, many of us are unable to take care of our health and tend to ignore it. However, if our body starts showing unhealthy signs, we need to address the same. The doctor will generally suggest a general check-up and ask you to perform some tests.

Secondary bone cancer symptoms may also be frequent minor bone fractures, thanks to the fragility of the bones. Many a times, it may also lead to excessive strain on your spinal cord which may result in paralysis. Increase in calcium content results in drowsiness, confused state of mind, chronic constipation and nausea.

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